SEO – Does Buying A Keyword Rich Domain Will Increase Your SE Ranking?

If you just start a new online business it may be a good idea to buy a keyword rich

domain name. If you go that way make sure your new keyword rich domain remains easy

to remember to the visitors. However if you already have an established domain with

a good link popularity (A Google Page Rank of 5) forget about this idea and use what

you already have.

I believe that the content on that domain is more important and the links pointing

to it have great value.

Buying a keyword rich domain may help your ranking in the search engines because it

allows you to include the keyword from your page content in the site URL. When other

web sites are linking to you, the anchor text of those links are influenced

by the keywords in the url Thus giving you a better chance of ranking highly.

In my opinion buying a keyword rich domain name makes a significant difference.

I have several client domains that rank in the top 5-10 results with no Google Page

Rank and without any links pointing to their websites. I’m almost 100% sure that it

is mainly due to the fact that the domain exactly matches the search query.

However Keep in mind that it is just one of many factors the search engines are

using to rank websites.

So Yes. Incorporating a keyword rich domain in your SEO campaign can be helpful but

it is just a very small part of a proper Search Engine Optimization Campaign.

Never put all your eggs in the same bag!

To Your Success!

Source by Serge Daudelin

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