Make Money Online Through Google AdSense – Tips & Tricks to Maximize Online Revenue

Contextual Ads

AdSense is a service run by Google that places ads on your websites. When you join to AdSense, you agree to display the ads that Google gives and receive a fee each time a user clicks on that ad. AdSense uses another Google service called AdWords. To work on AdSense you should know AdWords. AdWords service is one which creates ads.

To make Good amount of money using AdSense you should have the website with good name and content. There are lots of online services available which will help you hunt and buy the domain name. You should select the appropriate hosting service based on your need. You will basically need 50 megabytes of space, full statistics report and 24/7 service. If your website is down then you loose money. So you should make sure that 24/7 service is available and problems are fixed right away.

There are many ways to attract traffic to your website and increase the AdSense revenue. You can create webpage easily with Microsoft FrontPage. Ads that will appear on your site depends on the content of the page. Content of the page should be interesting to visitor and when the ads related to this content is displayed on this page user clicks on the ad and you make money out of it.

You want to quickly start on the AdSense and start minting money? Best way is to open an account with which is free. You don’t have to worry about the design of the page and image on the page, you have to select the template based on your taste and get writing in the blog. When you decide to change the page layout and look you have to just change the template. lets you to apply for AdSense. You can get the preview of color, font and style of the ad. While you wait for the approval from Google for AdSense on the page you can play with the way ads appear on the page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you build your website people should know that your page exists. Good way to do this is get high page ranking in search engine mainly in Google, Yahoo, Msn. To get the High Page Rank you should persuade other sites to give you links and you could offer to exchange links.

One of the factor on which page rank depend on is number of sites that link to yours. Even though this is the easiest way to get into AdSense, blogs needs to be updated regularly so this is not best with static content.

Connection with AdWords

If you understand where AdSense are getting their ads, and how they decide to place on webpages and how they fix prices for ad appearance and click on those ads you are definite to mint dollars. Unfortunately no one other than Google people knows it.

AdWords ads are a headline and a short piece of text ad, owner decides to pay for the ads. Example: Person might set $1000 a month for his advertising budget but not more than $1 for a click. So he will be charged $1 for every click of user on his ad until his budget of $1000 depletes that month.

When you sign up with AdSense and place AdSense code in your page you are not sure on which ad is displayed on your page, as the adword advertiser u don’t know where your ads will be displayed. In AdSense you are not sure on how much you will be paid for the ads on your page.

Google says that it always assigns ads in such a way that publishers receive maximum revenue, and that advertisers get the best value for their money.

AdSense policies

When You sign up to Google should you should tell whether you want individual account or company account. This is just for Google to know where to send money. You Can choose to receive money in either Electronic Funds Transfer, local currency check or Secured Express Delivery. In general, it’s better to get your money by direct deposit using the Electronic Funds Transfer. Google charges for express mail checks.

While signing in Google demands for your URL. This is confusing to most since everyone have more than one URL and they want to have AdSense in all of them. So Submit your biggest site for now.

The next question is about whether you want content based ads (the type of small text ads) I’ve been discussing so far, search ads or both. (Content based ads are better but I’ll tell you how to benefit from each so I recommend that you choose both) Once you’re approved, you’ll just have to copy and paste a small piece of code into your website.

In Google you should never persuade visitor to click on ads. Visitor on their own should decide to click or not. You can encourage people to download the products you advertise and let them take final decision on buying them.

Source by Hari Hara Subramanian

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