Good Image Choice Is An Essential Part Of Effective SEO

Images are not always mentioned as powerful SEO devices, but any real search engine optimisation professional will tell you that today, images are more important than they have ever been.

If you own a website or create internet content of any sort, you will know and fully understand the importance of images. Images are not just illustrations, they can help you attract the attention of a viewer or user, and they are excellent devices for building brand recognition and brand loyalty.

But in terms of SEO, images can also be powerful.

Let’s look at images in more technical detail from the perspective of those little search engine spiders.

To a spider, your images look like a big, empty, uninteresting black hole. That’s all.

Spiders can’t see the artful way you arrange our products, or the happy smiling faces of your customers or staff. They can’t see the great quality of the image, and they certainly can’t tell whether an image has been well chosen or not.

Spiders can only see your images if you tell them to. And you do this by adding the right tags, descriptors and labels. As soon as you do this to each image you post, three things happen:

1. Your images become visible to the spiders and they include them as part of your content.

2. Your images are included in the Google image database, and all these images are listed with links going straight to the website they came from – back link heaven!

3. You are adding additional keywords, key phrases, and your brand name to each page of content without breaking any SEO rules, or over-stuffing.

By tagging and labelling every one of your images, you are adding the number of keywords, phrases and backlinks you add to each website page, social media post, and article or news item.

So for example, if you are an online retailer, and you sell 250 different products, you can add important titles, keywords and phrases 250 times, without anyone of the search engines getting upset with you. The images automatically become back-links when they are listed on Google image search results because they always lead back to the origin, which is your website.

On social media, they are also tagged and become instantly identifiable as yours. If users share your images they can see the image was yours. On Pinterest, when you post images you can add a link too.

And the same is true for video footage. And for music! Just do some searches on Google now for all these different media and you will see exactly what to add to yours to ensure they are listed and searchable. The more times your content is available and searchable on Google, the more it is likely to be found and seen. And all that creates natural traffic which bumps you up in the rankings.

It all sounds so simple doesn’t it? It almost seems too good to be true. But it is true, and it works. Have a look at any website and check their images. Are they all labelled? You will be amazed by how many sites there are with images that are not labelled.

Don’t miss out on such an easy and free way to increase the level of SEO friendly, highly searchable text on your website and social media pages. Instead, get ahead, use fantastic images and then make sure users and spiders can find them. It will draw traffic to your site as well, especially if the images are for products or services you are selling. Don’t underestimate the power of a photograph – to illustrate your business and to boost your rankings.

Source by Anoop K Krishnan

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